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Equality – Bull shit November 30, 2011

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well..overheard a bunch of guys (obviously drunk) talking about why the man is the man. undeniably the testosterone and physical structure differentiate a man from every other being on the planet and i am talking of MAN..not woman.

This guy left his girlfriend (or she left him)..who was a well off lawyer with a well off firm because she asked him to leave everythign and move with her to wherever she lived. She was a ‘sweet girl’. When asked what does he do now…he said he has just joined ‘sales’. So what does he sell? ‘I am pretty new there..just started’ he says. Well that much for stability that he did not want to leave.

The other guy- lets call him Mr Loud says…no matter what ‘they’ say, a man should never leave, the woman should leave. Why doesnt she leave and come? 

Well I wanted to jump into the conversation saying – coz she is sane and thinking about the future and stability with a guy who she was going to marry – it made sense to have one earning/stable with well-off salary person in the relationship?

All the talk about equality and we had men in early 30s talking with their P in their mouth.

Guys will be guys…and drunk people will be drunk people.



Why shopping on marketing street is expensive November 26, 2011

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Well, the story begins with Toshu – my Toshiba laptop running out of battery and then not recharging as the charger broke down.

This is not the first time the laptop charger has given up but the last time this happened it was under warranty and i got a new one for free.

Being lost without laptop is a feeling that is scary and relieving both at the same time. Not knowing what to do, I went to market street and went through the aisles of the electronic shops trying to find a laptop charger. It being close to christmas did not help – as a lot of stuff was out of stock or pushed aside for the christmas items. Anyways, found a £50 and £70 options for my laptop charger. I would have bought anything that would have been within £30 but £50 was not what I was ready to spend. I, under advise from my online shopping savvy friend, bought the charger online for £8 but had to wait for 3 days before I was reunited with my Toshu.

3 days no laptop (I refused to bring my office laptop home) was liberating. I read books, wrote blogs, read blogs and did somethings that fall under the radar when on a laptop.

So, except clothes, shoes and cosmetics I am not sure I find use for market street, shopping malls etc. What do you go to shop for – other than window shopping or retail therapy?


We love our mysteries November 23, 2011

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Well, whether it is the Death of John F Kennedy or the black hole theory – we love our mysteries. My belief on life is that it should be Black and White. But I guess that is not how the cookie crumbles. Even if the 1964 report on JFK’s death said his assassin worked alone, there are still theories floating around who killed him.

Something as simple has a Facebook account is strife with mysteries. Who is stalking you? What is your information being used for? Are you getting personalised adverts? This is the new conspiracy theory in making – the new mystery – men, yes men – want to work on.

I guess it is linked with testosterone. Why testosterone is story for another day.

Have a great day.


Yummy chole (White peas in gravy – the yummy style) August 4, 2009

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Well not really an experiment, its a traditional north Indian dish…white peas in gravy…what i made today was..out of the world ( not boasting about myself but stating a fact).

I guess it came as it did, coz i kept it simple. I added Big elaichi+tej patta and the stick (i guess its called dalchini..its like the bark of a tree) in oil….then onion…lots of them followed with ginger garlic paste…cooked it till it was brown. Then added haldi+Chilli powder+salt+coriander powder. Then when the onion felt oily ( In my dad’s language, when the onions starting leaving the oil) I added tomatoes…again lots of them ( When i say lots it means 1.25 times of what you would put normally). The trick here is to fry this masala such that it becomes all thick and oily. Point to note : Making yummy food takes time 🙂

Then I added chole (which I had soaked in water overnight) and cooked it in a pressure cooker for around 30 minutes.

They were yummmyyyyy…..I ate them with roti and trust me even though I had curd with it, nothing was required.

I would say, trust you instincts with cooking. If you feel like adding something go ahead and do it, if it does not come out well, it only teaches you what not to do the next time. Like Edison who knew 10,000 ways how not to make a bulb before he knew how to make it. I am hoping you would not experiment with one dish that many times….guess having evolved and not wanting to waste food would make us smart cooks with only one experiment. Right?

If you want to know the quantities etc for cooking, please let me know. I would like it to be as narrative but not really descriptive. You need to experiment with me…. 😀

So till next time, keep adapting


Hello world! August 1, 2009

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People of the world, especially the ones who want anything to do with indian cuisine, maybe like me, this blog will help bring out the experimental you.

It would sound very cliched but I never cooked when I was in India. My mom, dad and elder sister are the best cook in the world and being the geek of the family, I was pampered. My dad would take over, if my mom every asked me to enter the kitchen. 🙂 cool naa..

But then two years back, I landed in this world..the developed world and eventhough I consider myself not too finiky with food ( some of my friends might disagree ) but I could not eat cold sandwiches or burgers for lunch and dinner everyday. So, I started cooking and I can comfortably say that I survived and my genetics kicked in and apparently (coz my friends say that) I am a good cook. However, I am not the conventional cook. I eat, look, learn and adapt. Recently, I joking told a friend that I should write about what I cook and he agreed. So here it goes.

My recipes are not the typical one…sometimes I might not put the time it takes to make the food, coz I usually multitask while cooking (i.e. phone +cooking, movie+cooking, work+Cooking, read+cooking..etc etc…).

Today, I will share with you a simple recipe, I made using ‘Gits (R)’ rasam powder (Indian brand of a kinda soup which we eat with rice) and frozen potato wedges that I bought from the supermarket.

My food usually has a story. So, I started making yellow lentil (the one used for sambar) and realised after putting the oil on the gas and mustard seeds in it that the daal I had was too less. I had already cut the onions, so I added onions to the oil and then searched my kitchen cabinet, to find Gits(R) rasam powder. I had bought it ages ago, but never made it. I had also added frozen grated coconut to the onions (again, coz I had it in my freezer). Then while the onion and coconut were cooking in oil, I added rasam powder to water (as directed on the cover). When the onions and coconut started turning light brown, I added the rasam powder mix. I then added two chopped tomatoes to this mixture while it was on gas. End of part 1….

Part 2….I usually cook rice in the when this rasam was on the gas and coming to a boil, I put the rice in oven and preheated my oven to 200 degrees C. I then oven cooked the frozen ‘spicy’ potato wedges and cooked them for around 20 minutes….turnign then once mid way. end of Part 2

Part 3: In 25 minutes time, the rice was cooked. The potato wedges were nice and crispy and the rasam had come to a boil and simmered and ready to eat.

So, I ate rice and rasam with potato wedges( my potato bhaaji).

Improvisation: For the next time, I sauted the crisp and cooked potato wedges in garlic paste for 2 mins or so.Also, I think, adding tamarind instead of tomatoes might make it more yummmmy !!

So, this is one of the many adaptations of cooking 🙂

I am an experimental cook and I can never guarantee that all dishes would taste well, but most of them are cooked fast and are hot and taste like home cooked food.

Keep adapting…